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"Plant one seed, nurture it with love to maturity and discover the richness of the flower." K.S.


Treatment sessions with Karen:  Clients are fully clothed   comfortably on a table while soft, relaxing music is played.  Because Karen works intuitively, she integrates many of the alternative therapies into a session. However if someone prefers a certain modality, Karen is most willing to accommodate her client’s wishes.

 A treatment can be beneficial for pain management as well as for the seriously health challenged.  It will contribute to the spiritual, mental and physical healing of each individual to promote a feeling of balance and well being. Many leave a session physically and emotionally refreshed.






Anxiety Chronic neck and Back pain
Edema Orthopedic problem
Postural problems Tinnitus
TMJ Whiplash
 And much more

 About Modalities

 Reiki (ray-key) an ancient Tibetan art, channels healing energies through the body through the laying on of hands.   

 Clinical Acupressure uses 36 acupressure points bring harmony throughout the body.  

 CranioSacral Therapy releases imbalances and restrictions within the brain and spinal column through light touch.

 Myofascial Release affects tissue deep within the body thus resulting in pain relief.

 Visceral Manipulation helps improve the movement of the internal organs by releasing restrictions thus creating a healthier organ.

 Lymphatic Drainage is preformed with extremely light touch to help enhance the lymph system. Helps with edema, pain, overall health and wrinkles too! 

 Psychic/Medium readings heal on a spiritual and an emotional level by channeling loved ones who have passed.

Animal Therapies

Because she has been an equestrian and a horse owner throughout her life, Karen is very experienced and comfortable around horses and the horses love the Reik, CranioSacral and myofascial work.  Reactions vary among the horses but all relax, yawn and generally enjoy Karen’s work.  Eyes soften, yawns occur and a healthier horse results.  Karen’s horse Nikki is now 31 years old and not only enjoys his sessions but asks for them!

Dogs and cats also benefit from her hands on work.